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We breed just the best. All of our pups are home raised and receive all the love an care they deserve.
Our puppies will fill your hearts with joy & happiness.

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We breed just the best

We have been breeding these puppies for over 9 years now. It really has been an amazing experience and it has also brought my family and i much closer. With the help of my family, we ensure that all of our puppies are well taken care of. These puppies are raised in our home and receive all the home training the need before they are ready to go. With our first few litters, we only dealt locally. But due to our good reputation and testimonials from people who got their pup from us, there was an increase pressure from people who couldn’t come for pickup but wanted one of our Puppies. It was up until the 3rd year we started doing deliveries. 

Available Puppies

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Why Choose Us

1-All of our puppies receive their required shots as they grow. Making them very healthy. We have kids and know how important it is to own a healthy pet. Regardless of a perfect health. It is important to take your dog to the vet for checkup regularly.
2-They are all home raised and receive all the love, care and attention they deserve. Making them have a great temperament and very easy for them to fit into any home.
3-You get help and guidance, most especially for first time owners. We will provide you with full time assistance on their feeding and basic care.

4-All of our pups come with a one year health guarantee and health records.
5-We have a payment plan, making it possible for almost anyone to be able to purchase a puppy from us.
6-We guarantee a full refund or replacement of your puppy at no extra cost. if upon check up of your puppy at your local vet, results differ from health records we provided.
7-As regards supplies, we can link you with reliable pet stores making it possible for you to benefit from a discount with each purchase.

Procedure Involved

Browse through our website and contact us about which of our puppies holds your interest.
We will then screen you to find out if you’ll make a perfect or good fit for one of our puppies.
You will receive a PDF file of our sales contract. Which you’ll have to read through sign and send back to us. It is a legal contract and acts as a binding between both parties. Buyer and Seller.
You will then proceed to make payments. we accept payments through Zelle and Cash App. We do not accept check payments and credit card payments.
For deliveries due in 24 to 48 hours, you will need to pay the full amount for the puppy and the additional fee for the delivery. You will need to send us your delivery information for us to proceed with delivery of your puppy. Info needed includes, Delivery Address, Name Of Closest Airport to your location and your Full Name. You can either pickup from your local airport or we can arrange for a home delivery.
If you prefer to pickup your puppy, a reservation deposit of $350 is required prior to the date of pickup. All pickups are done on Sundays only.
For reservation of a desired puppy, you’ll need to pay a reservation fee of $350. Note: All deposits are refundable in full if you change your mind about getting the puppy within one week after the deposit has been made. From one week and above, we will deduct 25% from the initial deposit before giving your refund.


Having Charlie around has really made things great for me. He is my best friend and we spend a lot of time together, he loves to watch tv with me. Sometimes sits on my lap like a little baby and i’ll pet him till he falls asleep. i just want to thank you for all the help you have given me so far.

Natalie Johnson

My two girs have grown so big and i take them everywhere i possibly can. They always draw a lot of attention and i call them my two little angels!

Victoria Dacota

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